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Grein Acquastop

Grein Italia is pleased to present the new Grein Acquastop treatment.


Grein Acquastop is dedicated to granites, in the most varied finishes, preferably in dark tones; in fact, in addition to protecting the natural stone and giving it water resistance, its application gives the granite surface an effect that revives the original colors of the stone, making the material the protagonist of its environment.

A kitchen counter treated with Grein Acquastop resists the aggression of external agents such as acids present in some foods or stains due to the absorption of oily substances or wines, ensuring greater longevity to natural stone

Thanks to Grein Acquastop it is possible to choose the beauty, the warmth and the unique nuances of the natural stone that make the kitchen top a unique and exclusive piece compared to artificial products

The quality of the treatment is also guaranteed by the fact that, unlike the normal water repellents, Grein Acquastop penetrates deeper, thus obtaining a more homogeneous and accurate protection.

Grein Italia offers Grein Acquastop treatment in jars in support of its customers, so that it can also be used on the coasts and / or holes in the kitchen countertops

Grein Acquastop is a safe product to use natural stone in all its applications.